Fishing in Tasmania

Wild trout fly fishing in Tasmania

Trout fishing locations in Tasmania

Here’s where you’ll find lots of information about Tasmania’s trout fishing locations,┬áincluding Brumbys Creek, Macquarie River, Great Lake, Arthur’s Lake, Penstock Lagoon, Little Pine Lagoon and the Nineteen Lagoons. More…

Fly fishing techniques, hints & tips

How to find and catch wild trout, how to safely release them, sight fishing, polaroiding, streamcraft, safety and how to keep Tasmania’s trout fishery disease free.

Includes links to information about water levels, Tasmania’s weather and trout fishery management. More…

Trout Flies

Check out some trout flies we love to use. Learn how to tie them and the best way to fish them. More…

Where is trout territory?

Trout Territory is vast highland lakes, remote highland streams, choice fly fishing only lagoons, lazy lowland rivers, swollen backwaters, freestone rivers, intimate streams and tributaries, where the water is pristine and clear, and the unspoiled environment ranges from gentle to rugged, where we find dense colonies of red spinner, mayflies, beetles and hoppers, where the trout leap for dragonflies or show their tails as they rummage in the shallows, where we see swirls, bulges and ripples, hear slurps, chomps and splashes, where there are waters home to trophy trout, or many trout, all are peaceful, all are exciting, and all can surprise you!

Tasmanian Trout Season

The brown trout season runs from August to April.
The rainbow trout season runs from October to May.
There are also several trout waters open all year round.
A license is required to fish all Tasmanian inland waters except private fisheries.


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