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Fly Fishing Tasmania

Tasmania truly has world class trout fishing.

The unique environment of the Western Lakes World Heritage area is filled with pristine waterways scattered amongst a temperate environment.

Tasmania’s rivers stand out too with delightful small streams such as St Patrick’s River, Liffey River, Lake River, parts of the North and South Esk Rivers; mayfly hatches on meadow streams such as the Macquarie River, South Esk; cool clear tail race waters such as Brumbys Creek.

These waters are diverse; many have sandy bottoms, rich weed beds and rocky shorelines. Vegetation varying from alpine scrub to dense forested areas to farmlands.

Whatever your fly fishing skill and experience level, it’s always exciting to learn more, hear new information and share techniques and we hope you will find something within these pages that’s useful to you.

Follow the links on the right to discover more about fly fishing in Tasmania, river and lake fishing, fly fishing gear, trout flies and streamcraft, insects, trout behaviour and of course how to fly fish for trout!

For those starting out on their fly fishing adventures, consider a guided fly fishing tour with Gary. Learning fly fishing with Gary is a lot of fun. We focus on fast tracking the fly fishing skills and understanding, with beginners achieving a degree of competency quite quickly. Then we focus on teaching how to find and see fish and of course the strategies in how to outsmart them!

For those with more experience or would like to hone their fly fishing skills, Gary’s knowledge and skills will help you get onto fish.

Trout fishing techniques, hints and tips

Here you’ll find some useful information, including the Tasmanian trout fishing calendar, how to find the trout, choosing flies and how to land your trout as well as how to release it safely.

We encourage you to read the information about keeping Tasmania a disease free fishery.

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Links to useful information about trout fishing in Tasmania:

Inland Fisheries Service

Bureau of Meteorology

Hydro Tasmania: Lake Levels around Tasmania

Anglers Alliance Tasmania

Fishing knots that won’t let you down

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