Little Pine Lagoon Tasmania

Little Pine Lagoon- Fly fishing only trout water

On the Central Plateau, Little Pine Lagoon is a fly fishing only trout water, shallow and well suited for wading. With grassy shorelines, marshes and excellent weed growth, it is surrounded by tussocks and heathland.

Tailing trout are a highlight early season. I personally like to put a small dry beetle, such as a red tag, to tailing fish, and when they are on the cruise, showing both tail and dorsal, they are usually obliging. When the trout are being difficult, persistently fishing a suspended nymph will often do the trick.

Little Pine is renowned for its mayfly hatches which begin early December, often in isolated pockets and sometimes over a large area. Showy risers chomp down emerging duns, even in quite windy conditions. Sultry conditions bring the rise to a peak. When the black spinner get the opportunity to get out over the water, this also creates a memorable fly fishing experience.

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