Macquarie River Tasmania

Macquarie River - Mayfly meadow trout stream

Adjacent to our property, the Macquarie River is a low-lying meadow river through most of its reaches and flows in one of the flattest areas of the northern midlands.

Renowned for its flood fishing mainly in the spring, the rains force the flow over the banks and into the hollows, divots, ditches, swamps and marshes. The result is tailing trout after worms, slugs, snails and the like.

Sometimes there is good terrestrial food available in these floods and trout rise freely to the spiders, beetles and hoppers, providing exciting fly fishing.

At times a sparkle-bodied wet fly stripped in front of a fish in the shallows will bring about a snatch and grab response.

In a really heavy flood, when there is too much water between the fish we venture to more productive waters.

As things warm up and water levels recede yet still provide a good flow, close observation of conditions and weather patterns will indicate the beginning of some outstanding mayfly fishing for the dry fly enthusiast.

The Macquarie River can be temperamental, but fires when the conditions are favorable.

Brumbys Creek enters the Macquarie River at the lower end of the town of Cressy to provide a cooler flow and a more refreshed fishery during hotter periods.

During warm calm evenings there are some holes that literally writhe and bulge with rising fish and some can tow a locomotive!


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