Penstock Lagoon Tasmania

Great Lake - Central Highlands of Tasmania

Only 30 minutes from Cressy, Great Lake is a deep and clear vast inland sea on the northern rim of the Great Western Tiers in the Central Highlands of Tasmania. It houses an excellent population of wild brown and rainbow trout.

Superb windlane fishing, , froth lines and food slicks bring about sometimes intense surface feeding frenzies and great dry fly fishing opportunities. At other times, subtle rise forms appear in calm slicks as choronomid emerge during cool, overcast conditions. Find the food and you’ll find the fish. Rainbows feature well in these conditions and Great Lake rainbow trout are a real prize.

Great polaroiding along selected shorelines, sandy flats, rocky outcrops, or wherever there is an accumulation of food items, can provide some entertaining sport.

In bright conditions, the sight fishing opportunities from the boat are often outstanding. Long distance polaroiding provides exciting visual fly fishing.

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